Odds & Ends / Call For Subscriber Only Questions For the Dispatches Mailbag

Hey all, happy Thursday. I’m putting together questions for the second installment of the Dispatches Mailbag. The first installment was a good time that touched on climate change, wealth taxes, how I keep place in my books, and featured an exclusive look at the first eight pages of a novel I’m writing.

If you’d like to hear me expound on some topics or are curious about whatever, just reply to this call and I’ll get to some of them in the next mailbag.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out my latest “A Culture of Fear and Paranoia: The GOP, the NRA, and the American Disease of Gun Violence” on why the Right refuses to take any action on the existential problem of mass shootings and how it endangers all of us.

This Sunday, at 8pm eastern, I’ll be doing my bi-weekly Bourbon Talk Political Q&A Livestream. For those who’ve not watched before, you’re missing out. It’s a good time. I open up a bottle of bourbon, take questions, and talk about current events, history, and ways we might make the world better. You should give it a try if you haven’t before. It’d be good to see you.

And if you haven’t subscribed yet, please consider doing so. Dispatches From A Collapsing State is an independent project for me and in order to keep it so, away from editorial outlook or intrusive, unethical advertising, I need your support. Thank you so much, and let’s finish this week out strong.