Odds & Ends: Call For Subscriber Mailbag Questions

What. A. Day.

The richest man in the world blasted off into “near space” for literally no reason besides the fact that he could. Back on earth, he just handed out $200 million in “charity” to help smooth over the public relations hit of having earned a disgusting fortune having exploited his workforce, monopolized the supply chain, and dealt a horrible blow businesses around the world.

Meanwhile, in India, new reports have sounded the alarm that the fatality count has been underestimated…by millions. Here in America, numbers are way, way up as leadership twiddles its thumbs and just waits and hopes, like it did over a year ago, that things just get better. Somehow. Some way. And if you don’t think it’s getting bad, or that our economy is teetering on the brink after a 700 point drop in the Dow, even Fox News is starting to tell its viewers to consider getting vaccines. Buckle up, people.

On The Muckrake Podcast, Nick and I covered the developing labor movement - talk to your coworkers, compare notes, build solidarity that might develop into something much, much larger - and just taped a very special Weekender episode on 1987’s class RoboCop, discussing the approaching corporate dystopia, privatized life, and a whole lot more. It’ll release Friday for patrons over at our Patreon page.

This last episode of my Bourbon Talk livestream was a doozy, if I do say so myself. Give it a gander.

Also, I’m taking questions for my upcoming subscriber’s-only Dispatches Mailbag. Please reply to this post with your questions and topics. I’m happy to talk about anything, big or small, so please comment in the next day or so with your questions.

Thank you, as always, for your support. Things are weird and intense right now, with growing crises on every front, and having you kind people around makes such a massive, massive difference.