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Dear Jared:

I only recently began following you on Twitter, because my feed (which I rarely read, tbh) kept pointing to your tweets. “Who is this guy? What’s his deal? How come everything he writes burrows into my brain like a pop song earworm that won’t let go?”



Your cogent observations have affected me profoundly. You have shaken my worldview, forced me to confront my biases and assumptions, and opened up new worlds of inquiry for me. For all of these things, I cannot thank you enough. I am delighted to now be a subscriber so I can learn more from you, your colleagues and your readers.

I’ve got a good deal of summer reading to catch up on, including “American Rule.”

Thank you for your work. It is urgent and essential. Our country is in “boiling frog” mode, and your observations have the power to wake us up before the water breaches the pot.

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I teach at a catholic school (they were the only ones hiring at the time) and man, are they close to embracing this stuff. It is mostly because we are in the Ozarks, that bastion of progressive thinking, and because the Catholic church is hemorrhaging members that we are starting to embrace this stuff. I explained to some students in an AP World class that race is a construct designed to divide the masses and keep wealthy and powerful in power. Some got it, but one student came up to me after class and seemed bewildered that "race" wasn't some divinely appointed thing in the world...TL; DR, next to Howard Zinn, American Rule has helped me get to the root of all this stuff. Thank you for giving me some perspectives and new avenues to try and get kids to really think about this stuff.

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