How naive of you, Jared. If you were familiar with how civil litigation works, you'd know that this case was never going to trial. Most civil suits never do. It was about nothing more than a company endeavoring to recoup a business loss from a libelous entity. They got more money from this settlement than what their business is even worth.

It is not up to either Dominion or Smartmatic to crusade on behalf of those who wish Fox would die. It's up to its shareholders, its advertisers and its idiot viewers. This is how capitalism functions.

This settlement actually makes it a lot harder for Fox to squirm out from under Smartmatic's pending suit. And unlike the outcome of a jury trial, Fox cannot appeal it. Amazingly, the damages were announced publicly, and it's hardly chump change. Besides, the consensus is that Fox may not have admitted culpability, but nobody settles a suit with such a huge payout without looking guilty.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Smartmatic.

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The decline is already apparent for anyone who cares to look. That's the biggest issue, is getting enough people to see the forest for the trees.

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It’d be nice if we could craft a new law concerning defrauding the public.

This suit was settled. But it was a suit about corporate profits.

We The People have taken enormous damages from the Mudoch family’s lies. But we have no mechanism to be compensated for it.

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Apr 20, 2023·edited Apr 20, 2023

Chris Hayes had a really smart commentary about what Rush Limbaugh used to call "The four corners of deceit", by which Limbaugh meant the government, science, academia and the media, all engaged in a conspiracy to lie to you. And who can you trust? Nobody but Rush Limbaugh, says Rush Limbaugh.

This, of course, is exactly what Fox did with its own viewers. It occurs to me that this is also what any cult leader does, "You can't trust your family or friends, the only one who understands you, the only one you can trust is me." And then the victim becomes unmoored from reality, because they've lost (or deliberately given up) any external reference points.

Although I'm reluctant to describe Fox viewers as victims, they crave the lies and get angry when denied them, and then go looking for another dealer when their old dealer won't give them the drug in the dosage they require.

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"Because this capitalist model is antithetical to a sustainable or healthy society. It is powered by fear, terror, and insecurity. These things prime consumers to spend their hard-earned wealth on things they don’t need or invest in projects that will ultimately hurt them and the people they love in the end."

I don't believe this applies only to FOX.

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